Grocery Store/Market Kit
Grocery Store/Market Kit

Grocery Store/Market Kit

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Do you feel guilty when you use the plastic produce bags at grocery stores? Or when you forget your reusable tote bag at farmer's markets?

This kit was designed for you! Have all of your sustainable bags with you when you head out to get your grocery's. The Baltic Bag is a light linen tote (available in two different colours) in a comfortable size, easy to fold and keep handy for your every need. The Better Bag comes in a pack of 4 which are perfect for produce or bulk items, they are super stretchy, translucent, lightweight, and reusable. The Cotton Bento Bag Trio is made of 100% natural cotton fabric, they are a perfect way to carry items in your life, like bagging produce or carrying your lunch and your morning muffin. Cotton bento bags are also a beautiful zero waste way to wrap gifts - they can be used over and over again!


This Kit Includes: 

  • The Baltic Bag*
  • The Better Bag (pack of 4)
  • Cotton Bento Bag Trio


*Optional Variant


This kit does not include any additional packaging